Scythian Radio

An ekphrastic poem inspired by a very cool sculpture.

Broadsided Press, May 2023

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The Longest Distance Between Two Places

On eating spiny lobster alone.

The Los Angeles Review, 2015

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As Artemis: Arguing With the Man Who Complains Everyone’s Always Saying, ‘I Love This, I Love That’

Paying respects to badass Artemis

Boston Review, 2017

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The Moment a Husband Stops Being a Husband and Starts Being a Black and White Photograph of a Husband

Because, “you were a leopard / meant to spot everything.”

The Pedestal Magazine, 2016

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Coffin in the Shape of a Snowdrift

Winter’s siren call.

Cider Press Review, 2016

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clean sneak (n)

Concerning lost women and one, in particular.

Tinderbox Poetry Journal, 2017

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Goodbye Letter to the Medusa That Was My BFF

A sister monster leaves me to binge on gluten-free biscotti and TV.

The Awl, 2016

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Plain and Perilous

“Don’t sing this song / out loud in your car / with your daughter”

New Delta Review, 2016

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Two poems: Father, You Me Must is French for You Owe Me & Visits of Evermore

A fraught father/daughter relationship & love on a bad day

Virga Magazine, 2017

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Because, “everywhere you look there’s a finger bone of some gone woman.”

Alyss, 2016

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Handbook for a Thursday

From my to-do list.

Tinderbox Poetry Journal, 2017

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Six Ways I See You Trapped in History

A woman stuck in the past.

Atlas & Alice, 2017

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All Our Karmas Bear Fruit Without Exception

My inauguration day horror poem.

Indolent Books Transition Poems, 2017

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What Can Be Known of the Past is Colorless as Footfalls and Odorless

Memory, childhood, and one dead snake.

Hermeneutic Chaos Literary Journal, 2015

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The Ecosystem That Is My Body Now That I’m Dead

Explanation from beyond.

Cider Press Review, 2016

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1939, I Sneak Out of Here

One year in the history of escapes.

Gingerbread House, 2017

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Two poems:
Mnemosyne Threatens
and Confesses &
The Salary for This Work is Marriage

Memory calls us out & “I sleep like an old growth jack pine you sleep like a fireplace.”

Nominated for Best of the Net Anthology

Posit, 2017

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